Volunteer Checklist

Actions you can take to help make a difference on campus and in your local community.  Being a student volunteer is about embracing a lifestyle of  compassion, giving, and social responsibility. 

Students posing for camera
  • Challenge yourself to make a change in the community, no matter how small. 
  • Step out of your comfort zone. 
  • Treat every experience as a learning opportunity. 
  • Ask questions when you don’t understand something. 
  • Support a cause you believe in. Take time to sign a petition or attend a protest on a particular issue you are passionate about. 
  • Smile and keep a positive attitude! 
  • Recognize that volunteering is more than “helping”, but a relationship between you and the people you serve. 
  • Perform random acts of kindness! Canid shot of two women talking
  • Hold a fundraiser to raise money for a charity. 
  • Donate to a donation drive and volunteer to sort/deliver those donations.  
  • Read the local newspaper. Get to know your community and those you serve! 
  • Help recruit volunteers for a cause or social issue that you care about. 
  • Vote! Whether for local, state, or federal government or student government, your voice matters! 
  • Reflect after service.  
  • Join a student organization that focuses on serving and volunteering.