Community Partner Checklist

When working with community partners it is important to always act in a respectful and professional manner.  Remember you are not only representing yourself, but Rutgers University as a whole.  Use this as a check-list for what should be done while working with community partners. 


Prior to Service

When responding to a community partner, make sure to get back to them in a timely manner (not more than 2 business days). 

If the community partner is hard to get a hold of, be politely persistent. 

Always be on time to any meetings or scheduled events. 

Be open and honest about what your organization is and is not able to do. 

Ask the community partner what their needs are and how we can best serve them. 

Ask the community partner to give a brief synopsis of the organization’s history and mission.  If the community partner does not provide this, make sure you do as the site leader so the students understand why they are there. 

Establish mutually agreed upon goals for achieving the purpose and fulfilling the needs of each partner.

While at Site

Dress appropriately for service (and make sure the other students who are attending know what is appropriate). 

Be flexible—often times things will change unexpectedly while doing service.  Make sure to go with the flow and help manage any unexpected changes. 

Make sure to be on time for all service events.  If for some reason something is out of your control and you are running late, call the community partner to let them know. 

Remain engaged and motivated even when performing what might seem like a boring task.  Remember you are setting an example for the rest of the students there! 

If you finish the service early, ask the community partner if there is anything else the group can help with before leaving. 

Announce to the community partner that you are leaving and thank them for hosting you.

After Service

Follow-up with community partners after service is complete.  Ask them what worked and what could be improved in the future. 

Ask them how your organization can continue to work with them in the future and thank them again for working with you.