Community Partners

Student Volunteer Engagement strives to develop collaborative partnerships between Rutgers students and the community. Our community partners are critical to the success of our students’ volunteering efforts and connecting our students with meaningful volunteer opportunities is an important part of our work.   

alt breaks groupAs a valued community partner, we recognize how integral the work you do is.  Our goal is to create intentional partnerships that encourage our students to develop a passion for serving and volunteering. 

Partnerships with community organizations offer students access to real world experiences as a part of their educational and pre-professional development. Community partnerships also connect students with opportunities for mentoring and provide the ability to cultivate their personal sense of efficacy and civic engagement. 

Each year, Rutgers students engage in thousands of volunteer hours.  Some of the top reasons why you would want to partner with us include: 

  • An increased pool of volunteers. picture of scarlet day event
  • Having student volunteers services as an opportunity for organization staff to serve as mentors to the next generation of non-profit leaders. 
  • This is an opportunity to educate and engage with the University about community issues. 
  • This will enable your organization the ability to work collaboratively with Rutgers students to address community issues. 
  • Collaborations enable positive contributions to the community. 
  • Students become future volunteers and lifelong active citizens. 
  • Service is accomplished by enthusiastic and creative student volunteers. 

As a community partner, you have knowledge and expertise in your field and in the organization for which you work. You are considered a co-educator, and we assume that the students and your faculty partner will learn from you. 

picture of people at the scarlet service event

Thank you for encouraging our students to become civically engaged in our community! 

For questions, trainings or to notify us of your opportunities, please connect with us at  We encourage you to submit your volunteer opportunities to us so that we may alert students! Please fill out this survey so that we may let students know of your opportunities.

For more information on Student Volunteer Engagement, contact Karen Ardizzone at or